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Use of World Class Diagnostic Machines & IT
At Health Chek, we believe extensive use of Information Technology for Diagnostics & Testing.
» All machines and equipment are calibrated regularly at the recommended frequency to ensure accuracy
All samples are Bar coded for unique identification. Bar coding rules out chances of error due to sample mixing or interchange
» All testing Machines equipped with bar code readers
• NABL accredited (Highest national quality     accreditation by Govt of India)
• ISO 2007:9001 certified

Proud recipient of consistent ‘Excellent’ category results in ‘Proficiency Testing’ programs conducted at national & international levels by independent quality assessment bodies of world repute such as AIIMS & Biorad.

Internal Quality Control
Internal quality controls are run on daily basis on all testing machines, before starting sample testing. For any out of range values, Corrective & Preventive actions are taken and recorded

External Quality Control
Testing departments participates in various national & international external quality control programs (like Biorad, VILAC, IHST (AIIMS))
Machines have bi directional interface facility, that is: Command for tests to be done on a bar coded sample is sent directly by computer to testing machines. After testing, results are uploaded directly on computer by testing machines. This rules out even slightest chances of error due to sample mixing or human intervention
Testing is done on Fully automated, high precision, world class machines, imported from all over the world. For complete list and more details on machines, click on ‘world class machines’
Quality Management System
Health Chek is Highly quality oriented. Quality focus comes right from top management till all working teams and employees. A well defined QMS exists at Health Chek. It contains documented procedures. For various activities, pre-defined & documented procedures are followed to avoid errors.
Quality Management System (QMS) contains ‘Process Manuals’
» Process Manuals contain Standard Operating Processes (SoPs)
Standard Operating Process (SoP) contains step by step process to carry out an activity
Quality Policy
To be the benchmark name in high quality diagnostic services by providing accurate and timely results.
» To achieve and maximize customer delight by offering high quality diagnostic services.
To groom our staff for their professional and personal growth.
Quality     World Class  Machines     About Us     Contact Us