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Complete Year Diabetes Control Program

After registering with HealthChek’s ‘Complete Year Diabetes Control Program (DCP)’, you join thousands of other people, who are managing their diabetes in a much better way, under constant control of DCP. Once registered for DCP, you do not have to worry about which tests to get done and when. Our comprehensive DCP takes care of this. This DCP Calendar will help you keep a record of your sample collection dates for the complete year. Please update it every month after sample is collected and report is received.

• Instructions for fasting blood sample : 8 to12 hours fasting required, water can be taken, tea/coffee should not be taken
• Instructions for PP blood sample: should be taken at 2 hrs of taking meal
• Instructions for urine sample: first morning mid-stream urine should be taken in container provided by HealthChek

After you enroll in Diabetes Control Program, you are in constant Round-the-year-watch through following check points
Check point Purpose
After registration
» Booklet on awareness & information on diabetes

With this booklet of information that contains all the must-knows about diabetes (What is diabetes, how/why does it happen, how can it impact your body in long term, how to control & manage diabetes, facts, myths), you become more well informed & are able to manage your diabetes better

Every month
Constant monitoring of blood glucose level, infections & kidney condition at regular intervals throughout year

» Urine Exam

1. Diabetics are more prone to infections & kidney disease. Regular urine exam will help detect these.
2.You are never out of watch, your blood glucose, infections & kidney status is monitored all 12 months of the year
3. You obtain the trend of your body’s blood glucose values over a period of 1 year. This trend reveals a lot about the state of your diabetes & you can manage your diabetes accordingly!

FBS, BSPP: determine blood glucose level
Urine exam: helps in detecting infections & kidney diseases

Every 3 months
Monitoring of long term blood glucose level

» HbA1c

To check the level of blood glucose in your body at a stand alone point if time is just not enough. It is very crucial to know the average value of blood glucose in your body over a longer period of time as that gives a more realistic picture of your diabetes.

HbA1c: determines long term blood glucose level

Every 6 months
To detect the long term complications of diabetes (impact on heart, kidney & infections)

» HbA1c
» Triglycerides
» Total Cholesterol
» LDL/HDL ratio
» Chol Total / HDL ratio
» Urea
» Creatinine
» Urine micro albumin
» Blood Pressure
» Height
» Weight

Diabetes leads to various complications like heart & kidney diseases. It is very important that tests be done to check the condition of heart & kidney so that problems may be detected early.

Cholesterol, TG & BP: will help in detecting if diabetes has affected heart.
Urea, creatinine & urine micro albumin: will help in detecting if kidney has been affected.

CBC: Diabetics are more prone to infections & CBC will help detect infections.

So you can catch problems before actual symptoms appear.

Complete Year Diabetes Control Program.

Under DCP, it will now be our responsibility to remind you which test is to be done when, to keep your diabetes checked!! We need you to co-operate by:

Avoiding carbs

Doing exercise

Going for regular walks

Avoid fruit juice, take whole fruits instead as they contain roughage. Avoid mangoes, grapes, cheeko & banana!

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